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Historical Weather Data

FieldAlerts - Current Weather Alerts on Your Field

National Weather Service alerts, watches, and warnings. Updated every 5 mins. Weather Alerts are displayed for agricultural and informational purposes and are not intended to be used to obtain information during an emergency or severe weather event.

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FarmConditionsLive™ - NDVI Data

Harmonized Landsat - Sentinel Data.

Sorry, we don't have this imagery for your area.We're working on it, please check back again soon!

NDVI through time from eModis Aqua Satellite.

Insurance, Revenue, Yield Forecast Tool

powered by YIELDAI

This tool factors in your fields, soil, climate and location to create a customized yield risk model and estimates your likelihood of insurance payments for different types of insurance, and compares to the cost of the insurance. Enter your own yield information in the "Advanced" Tab to refine your estimates. This tool assumes Optional Units.
This tool works for Corn - Grain and Soybeans for selected counties.


Premium, Guarantee, Average Insurance Payment

Per Acre




Guarantee Yield (bu/acre)

Average Insurance Payment*

Probability of getting insurance paid (%)

The graphs below display your forecasts for likelihood of insurance payments, yield, revenue and price outcomes. They show what the estimated probability of different outcomes based on your fields characteristics and type of insurance.

Yield Risk and Soil Statistics


The average soil productivity rating (NCCPI) in your County is

Your field's average soil productivity rating (NCCPI) is

Your field's expected yield is (bu/acre)

Your field's risk (standard deviation) is

Quote Inputs


This information is a premium estimate only, and is only for educational purposes. You must refer to an authorized crop insurance agent for official quote(s) and specific information regarding insurance coverage, actuarial information, conditions and exclusions.
* Estimated insurance payments only include losses for yield and price, not replant and preplant losses.


Polaris Soils Data

powered by SOILAI

Polaris is a recently developed soil data set that provides additional soil attributes, available here.


Crop Land Data

powered by CROPAI

Crop Land Data Layers, also known as CDLs, are published by USDA and provide estimates of historical crops cover.



powered by SOILAI

SSURGO Soil type data from USDA-NRCS.


FarmConditionsLive™ - Growing Degree Days

Growing degrees days are cumulative sum of degrees above 50°F. The more growing degree days, the hotter the growing season. This graph shows accumulation to date compared to historical norms and is updated daily. Source data obtained from PRISM Climate Group, Oregon State University,, tabulation created now. Non-Commercial Use Only.


FarmConditionsLive™ - Precipitation Data

Precipitation data. This graph shows accumulated precipitation to date compared to historical norms. These data are updated daily. Source data obtained from PRISM Climate Group, Oregon State University,, tabulation created now.

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