farm data meets big data®.


what we do

Lots of Data

We house a lot of data, providing farmers with efficient tools to get real-time feeds about their fields, from weather, to RMA insurance estimates, to satellite imagery.

Informative Features

We build easy to use and informative tools to provide advanced insights, check in on your fields, and more without the time commitment from you.

Tools & Services

Manage Your Risk

We provide information to give you the resources needed to make an informed decision of whether crop insurance is right for you.

University Roots

Born at a university, we understand the Land Grant University system. Our goal is to provide you and your partners with analytics as efficiently as possible.

Save Your Information

You can create an account to save your fields, run custom insurance and risk scenarios, and even integrate with your precision agriculture equipment platform.

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Integrate with Precision Ag Platforms

Securely use your data from the most common precision agriculture platforms with Ag-Analytics® tools to easily analyze soil and weather on your fields, calculate crop insurance scenarios and more.

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Connect your preferred Precision Ag system for advanced insights & features.