Ag-Analytics Dealer Referral Program for John Deere Dealers

As the frontliners to our users, Ag-Analytics wants to reward John Deere dealers for selling and recommending our services and tools to customers.

What's the program?

This program is our way of saying “thank you” for spreading the word on Ag-Analytics, as well as a path to build and maintain Dealer connections for long-term business relations. With millions of acres already in our system, we are confident Ag- Analytics provides services and tools that interest and engage users.

How do I sign up?

Sign up for the Ag-Analytics Dealer Referral Program for John Deere Dealers in three easy steps.


Following the signing of a mutual agreement, Ag-Analytics will then provide you, the dealer, with a list of exclusive referral codes and/or links for your distribution. Purchases made with your link and/or code will return a commission fee to you.

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Distribution of your links and/or codes can be achieved in various ways, including in-store at point of sale; advertisements; and simply word of mouth.

Attribution & Commission

Your exclusive links and/or referral codes are tagged to you and will be logged as such. Quarterly, we will generate reports of your attributed purchases and send out a check for your commission fees.

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