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Articles & News, Dec 2018

Feeding the world is no easy task, yet it is one of the essential functions of our society. Emerging analytics holds promise to revolutionize agriculture. Ag-Analytics, a new Esri Startup Program Emerging Partner, wants to accelerate that.
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By Jackie Snow, Feb. 19th, 2019, Nova Next

Producing enough healthy food to feed the world—on a changing planet—is going to be a steep challenge. These researchers are giving farmers AI-driven techniques and tools to find solutions.
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The Ag-Analytics cloud platform makes big data and machine learning applications in agriculture a reality for universities by securely connecting farmers with researchers and extension.
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Ag-Analytics®, through a new strategic partnership with Microsoft’s AI for Earth program, today announced the launch of several new APIs and data feeds for public use, including mirroring over 100 TB of Harmonized Landsat Sentinel-2 (HLS) data on Azure.
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Trends in 2019 Iowa Farmland Sales - Special Report
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