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The Ag-Analytics® AI suite of farm management tools.

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  • Connect to External Precision Agriculture Platforms
  • Custom Field Analytics and Yield Forecast Tool
  • High-resolution Satellite Vegetation Imagery
  • Historical and Real-Time Daily Weather Data
  • iOS Mobile App
  • Available to Companies with less Than 20 employees
  • Available on Evaluation Basis to Companies with More Than 20 employees
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$ 0.01 per acre /month


  • Everything included in Free Plan
  • Try out ProfitLayers for Climate 30 Days Free
  • Easily connect your Field View account in less than a minute
  • Automatically pull in your boundaries, grower(s), farms, and fields for use with Ag-Analytics'® tools and services.
  • Better undertand your past results, as well as variety and input performance, to maximize future profits
  • View your Profit Map Layers
  • Email Support
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$ 20 / month


  • Everything included in Free Plan
  • Push Map Layers and Scouting Notes, including:
  • SSURGO SOils, NCCPI, and more
  • Extreme Weather Alerts Notifications
  • Email Support
  • Available to Companies with less than 20 employees
  • Unlimited acreage per user/organization
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*We reserve the right to alter pricing and/or rules at any time

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